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Two young girls practice their cursive handwriting in the 1930s. (Credit: Harold M. Lambert/Lambert/Getty Images) National Handwriting Day is January 23rd

In the early 1980s the National Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association created National Handwriting Day on January 23rd, which is the birthday of Declaration of Independence signer John Hancock. Hancock is famous for the large, bold signature, which he said he wrote that way so that King George would not have to wear his spectacles to read it. Although WIMA’s idea was to bring attention to its members, handwriting analysts around the country have adopted National Handwriting Day to put the spotlight on the importance of handwriting, even in this digital age.


7 year old Annie Clark, born with no hands, wins penmanship contest:

Sheila Lowe presents Campaign for Cursive, a 13 minute video: